Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coconut Candy

if you've ever been to maui and been brave enough to drive the road to hana (i lovingly call this trek puke path) then you have probably had the luxury of eating some of the best coconut candy eva' and it was probably made by shane's auntie pearl (we LOVES pearl!). i don't like coconut however i will throw punches in order to get the last bag of this coconut candy. i'm not proud of that but the bag is mine!
i have been playing with making this candy and i think i am getting better. there are varying levels of toastiness and sugary goodness so you can sort of add as much as you'd like and keep it slow baking as long as you'd like-whateva' ya flava!
here is what i use:
2 coconuts- don't even do it with just 1 it isn't worth it
natural cane sugar (i use turbinado sugar)
natural dark brown sugar
hammer and nail to crack the coconut (i just use a real hawaiian-much more effective)
true story:
1st time i made this i told my hawaiian that i needed his help in the cracking of the coconut. i left hawaiian in the kitchen with coconut and went to the garage to get a hammer and nail. i couldn't find a nail so i went back to the kitchen to ask hawaiian where he keeps the nails. hawaiian was already draining the coconut juice and drinking it. i still have no idea what hawaiian used to crack open coconut and i am good with not having to know. (swoon)
-be sure your hawaiian has cracked the coconut in many smaller pieces so you can start to peel or cut away the outer brown shell. it's okay if the thin layer of brown shell is left on the meat.
-once you have all the chunks of meat you can either take a vegetable peeler and shave off pieces or you can cut them. i like to cut them because i like when some of the pieces have thicker edges. thicker edges just make the candy a little chewier in the end and that's how my family likes it.
-put the shavings in a zip-lock back with about 1/2 cup of the turbinado sugar and a sprinkle of the brown sugar. put this bag in the fridge for about 20 minutes so the sugar can melt. don't leave it much longer or it will get soggy and won't turn out.
-layer the shavings on a baking sheet and sprinkle with more brown sugar if you'd like. i do coz we are super good friends with sugar in my family.
-bake at lowest temp (i did 170) for about 6-8 hours. every hour you will turn the coconut over and you sprinkle it with a little more sugar. take it out when you feel it is as toasty as you want it. the last 3-5 minutes i pump that oven up to 350 to give it a last toast- but watch it if you do this- it can burn quick.
feel that inner aloha? good stuff brah!

Monday, April 9, 2012

for years lemon lush was my nemesis.
i got this now.

my husbands favorite all time desert is lemon lush. i could never make it the way his mom could so out of frustration for a large gap of time i just simply refused. i made everything else instead because dammit i can bake!! lemon lush really couldn't be any easier but he always gave me the "meh, it's awwight face".

one day after making this lemony goodness i presented it to him and right as he was about to take his first bite i made my announcement, "listen, if this isn't good then i am done, seriously, like no more lemon lush ever, period, dunzo". i saw the look. the one that says, "she is no joke, she isn't kidding here, she will put an end to this all." he took the bite and smiled. i knew it was a courtesy smile and i knew in his head he was probably going through the list of things that didn't taste exactly like his mom's version.
he understood that he could either live the rest of his life out with "almost as good as mom's lemon lush" or never have another lush again. he is a smart man. he told me it was perfect. i told him he was full of it.

every year this is our birthday "cake", our "yay-you did it" desert, our "school is out, summer is here" treat, our "happy graduation" celebration, or our "hey, doesn't lemon lush sound good" indulgence.
every time shane eats more than half........whose your mama now huh?!!!